pondělí 13. května 2013

Crews for life

C2 crew
olympic winners

Friend crew


lifetime crew
Mrs. and Mr. Baillie
I'm lovin it!

My first olympic selections...something what I forgot to publish last year :))

First time for me it was in 1996. Well, I just did the same race, but clearly I didnt race for olympic t shirt. Though there were three places for K1w to go, I simply havent even think about it. My sister did.

It was my first year racing czech national cup. Ceske Budejovice. Maybe mid April, maybe little bit later.
I remember how I went to warm up to start. And the start was up there, where the course begins, not where is now, in the middle just above the walking bridge. Walking in the snow. And more snow was falling down. Than wind came. I couldnt see the first gate from start pool. Yet it was qualification for summer olympic games.
And than I saw somebody running up to the start and girls started to got out of the boats.
I was still waiting in the start gate. Not knowing whats going on. My sister yelled at me: „come on, get out, lets go run to get warmer! they interrupted race, judges cant see the gates!“
So we were running there and back around the start pool. Still in paddling gear. In our neoprene shoes. Nobody told us whats going on, whether they are going to postpone it of just interrupt or what.
Snow storm was gone after 20 minutes. So why delay the race more, if the judges can see clearly...

I dont remember how I raced. I just remember how glad I was that my sister was there and despite the running, how cold I was.
She didn`t make the olympic team and I think she retired that year or maybe year later.

There are going to be two selection races again in Ceske Budejovice. Again mid April. Though the course is brand new, by Scott Shipley`s concept.
I hope it won`t snow again.

sobota 11. května 2013

Flat water

Photograph by Richard Avedon ...so simple

Aya Tsuchihashi:
"This photo makes my heart so calm.. "

True. Wild water, wild heart.
But we have to warm up on flat water first!

čtvrtek 9. května 2013

Peace in soul

Tomorrow starts selections into Czech national team for Worldchampionship 2013 which is held at home field.

I'm not racing. After 21 years...

I quit!


Since I was 16 I raced on Czech cup. First time I made senior team I was 17. I was quite lucky and I LOVED easy smooth moves which water gave me.

Years passed and I had never won a race (maybe some but not those which I wanted ;D).
I tryed to work harder, but it didn´t help at all ... frustration came, ups and downs...
Than came an injury. I had to travell to Penrith (met Jacqui!) to find out how serious it is and that not being pation can affect rest of my life, real life.

But still I wanted one of those medals with five rings.

I was pation, I worked hard. I have had really tought times, because I knew I can't train what I needed. Than I realized that I have to train what my BODY needs.

I hoped for miracle. I went to prepare for olympic selection to Brazil. I have had really great time there. Saw Sarah again. She was, once again, very supportive, thought it was her olympic selections.
Met Ettore and chicos, who taught me to do it your way.
I raced in Brazil. Well I tryed to race. After two years of preparation, and my body told me I should not spin any fast? Though I haven´t hear it yet.
I still wanted that medal, right?

Than came selections 2012. And I heard it, and felt it aswell. I felt like a piece of shit!
So I quit, with tears of pain and a bitter feeling.


10 months after olympic selection I gave birth to our daughter.


I´m packing to see my husband having fun this weekend. Racing at Trnavka! Our favourite course.
It takes ages, I'm not used to nappys, little clothes, toys and all those other crazy little stuff.

I'm not having medal with five rings and I never will. 
But it was plesure to be in!
I know now how much have I learned and that paddling intensifyed my deep trust in "mother nature" and justice.
And I´m quite sure that its not coincidence that I feel that I share this oppinion or life philosophy with other former paddlers (Jacqui, Kate, Sarah, Paul, ...) and with recent kayakers (Angela, Alberto, Alexander, Vavra, Ciaran, Mike, Tim&Etienne,...) and hopefully also with those who come in future.

I also hope that we will be able to transfer this philosophy to other people...

(btw. isn´t this great marketing potential of canoeing? sport&nature? can anybody hear me? ICF?)

this is what I do now (next to brestfeeding ;)):

philosophy of BIOFA 

and obligatory

Trnavka from Ciaran

pondělí 6. srpna 2012

The sixth ring

For many olympic  began way sooner than on friday 27th July. Seeing all the advertisemeents with Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Roger Federer and other world wide sport stars made many people who are not interested in sport quite tired.

Passing citylight vitrine from McYellow butt attacted also my attention:
"Olympic glass Coca-Cola, with wristband. Free with every menu!.....get whole collection!"
Black, yellow, blue, red and green! and white! White?

They don`t know there`s only five olympic rings? Maybe the colour of the flag, hmm.

And than it has finally began.
Spectacular, yet so touching opening ceremony.
Shooting, basketball, badminton, swimming, gymnastic, fencing and finally!

Fantastic venue, great atmosphere (thank you Jonathan Edwards!), and top athetes of this sport. Though I couldn`t stop thinking about many more fantastic paddlers sitting at home....
It was a great experience seeing the calm man wining his third gold. Sadness of bronze holder. Great performance from young silver man.
Next day became show performed by our exhibicionist - kayakers! Which I enjoyed very much. We have seen muscles, happines and beautiful white smile and again something more.
GB one man show, though there were four musketeers. Sad twins. Sad Frenchs. But not for long. And balley at the end. Not so many mistakes as I expected after 2008. Battle of generations and admirables performances.
And again something more...



Between tears which came from knowing very well how hard everyone worked to get there yet valuing friendship more than medals, I have seen THE white ring.
Thanks EVERYBODY for showing the world that this sport is worth to be part of olympic family.


and have fun!


pátek 3. srpna 2012

Several outsights

I won a battle in a big fight yesterday and realized how much I have learned over the years spended in paddling family.

Inspired by Kate, would like to share several outsight:

The family atmosphere of frendship, which is in paddling is simply unique. We all are part of it and all of us are making it. Great!

-there is no warm hug from rival (from anybody!) when you screw it up; thank you Sarah, Claudia, Jacqui, Angi, Verča, Irča, Carole, Jenny, Mathilde, Rosalyn and many others for making the difference
-there is no cheering up from member of different team or even from member of your team, bcs everyone is busy with his problems; thank you Ettore, Cathy, Thomas, Shaun, Yves, Jean-yves, Scott, James and many others for making the difference
- there is no free help offered at all, thank you Tim, Etiene, Huw, Richard, GB team trailer, Jorg, Annet street gang, Kayak Vavrovo, Nouria, Alberto and many others for making the difference
- there is not much of everyday joy and happines, thank you brasilien chicos and many others for making the difference
- there are no judges and some people simply dont play fair game, thanks to everybody for making the difference
- there are no warm and nice word or even "Hi" from people who were more succesfull than you are, thank you Elena, Jana, Connie, Peter, Daniele, Tony, Hochschorners, David, Robin, Mandy, Richard and the others for making the difference

Yet this doesnt mean Im not happy with my decision to quit. Under circumstances, I still dont know exact answer on question which Ettore gave me in February, when I told him that one way or another my body says that 2012 is my last year being top athlet.

"What will you do when you stop with paddling?"

But what I know most certainly is: I will NEVER STOP paddling.
I will just slow down a bit and use my eyes instead of muscles.

Looking forward to see those, who were more lucky in the selection roulette!
GOOD VIBES to all of you!

Marie Sehnalova
formerly (long time ago) known as a "big CZ hope" Marie Rihoskova :-D

PS: if your name isnt written here it doesnt mean that I do not value your presence

sobota 17. března 2012


We have chosen Brasil for training camp 2012.
For many reasons, but one of the most important were our happy memories from 2007.
Still reality exceeded my expectations.

5 weeks seems to be quite long time, yet it has run really quickly and we are going home ...

When Vasek first told me that we will stay with Brasilians, I thought we are going to help Ettore with some kids or advanced paddlers, having just a foggy memory about Poli from Peking 2008....

I was just a little bit mistaken .-)
These chicos are joung (especially compare to CZE team) but most of them are better paddler than me recently and if not they soon will. Yet they have a lot to learn still, they have one great advantage; time.
At least four more years.

Im not going to describe them one by one, I just want to summarize what I have learnt or seen here:

  • tranquilo
  • selfconfidence without necessarily having nose up
  • morning samba before race
  • to change boat (producer and type) at qualifications day and win race
  • teamspirit
  • the bussinging after race
  • training results with drawed course which we did that session
  • if you have birthday, celebrate them
  • Sandra, adoptive mother for everybody
  • Brasil es un pais muito bonito

    And what have I tried to show (some of) them:

    • PVC, polyester, epoxy, fiberglas, carbon, kevlar and other materials are not biodegradable
    • boat and paddle cover are great things
    • sun is no good for any of your equipment, ecpecially brand new boats, carbon paddles and lifejackets
    • do not use grinder infront of open window to someones bedroom
    • measure twice, then draw it, then check it again and then drill
    • its good to have tool ready before you start work
    • its not good to use grinder in your team suit
    • its good to have handshoes when working with epoxy
    • its good to cut carbon or glass pieces before your hands are dirty from polyester
    • mais de adhesivo doesnt mean better fixation
    • siempre fechar cola! its not good to breath it

    And the most important:

    O V E R A L L ! ! !

    See you soon in Europe, guys.